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The Sociological Review Podcasts

Feb 15, 2019

What should anti-racist solidarity within and beyond the university look like? In this episode,Chantelle Lewis, editorial manager at the Sociological Review, Adam Elliott-Cooper (Kings College London) and Remi Joseph-Salisbury (University of Manchester) discuss the challenges of doing anti-racist work within and beyond the university. They talk about how to build solidarities that weave together understandings of inter-personal and institutional racisms, while also attending to the anti-racist struggles ongoing internationally. And within this, they call for understandings of racism centred on the relationship of capitalism and imperialism.



The Undisciplining Sessions were recorded at Undisciplining, a conference organised by The Sociological Review Foundation Limited in June 2018. Find out more about The Sociological Review, Britain’s longest-standing sociology journal at


They are produced and edited by Emma Houlton at Art of Podcast