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The Sociological Review Podcasts

Mar 15, 2019

In this episode, Imogen Tyler, editor of The Sociology of Stigma, talks with Jenna Loyd (University of Wisconsin, Madison) about the neglect of grounded histories of racial segregation, displacement in the conceptual framework of territorial stigmatisation. Thinking with her empirical research in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jenna argues that race, racism and racialisation need to take centerstage to ask questions about how racism and racial capitalism occur in particular places, produced through histories of urban planning and development, local and national political contexts.


To find out more about these ideas discussed in this episode, read Jenna Loyd and Anne Bonds’ paper ‘Where do Black lives matter? Race, stigma, and place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’ (, one contribution to the recent Sociological Review Monograph The Sociology of Stigma edited by Imogen Tyler and Tom Slater and available for purchase at



The Undisciplining Sessions were recorded at Undisciplining, a conference organised by The Sociological Review Foundation Limited in June 2018. Find out more about The Sociological Review, Britain’s longest-standing sociology journal at


They are produced and edited by Emma Houlton at Art of Podcast